Morning Speaker

Evening Senior Speaker

Junior Evening Worship

Counselors – Heavy camper interaction and responsibility in this position. Spend the week in the cabin with one other counselor and up to ten campers. Provide spiritual guidance, and mentor-ship for the campers under your care. Responsible to have campers be where they need to be at all scheduled times during camp.

Pre Campers Staff – Help us care for the little guys who are not quite old enough to be campers yet. These will be children of staff serving up at camp.

Head Kitchen Staff – Guide a kitchen staff to feed a camp full of people!

Kitchen Staff – Prep, Cook, Serve daily meals under the guidance of the head kitchen staff

KP – Lead a group of campers and staff at each meal through the set up and take down and clean up of the dining hall (mess hall)

Pots and Pans – Assist the kitchen by clearing the cooking pots and pans with an industrial strength sprayer at the end of each meal or as needed

Laundry – Run a load of laundry after the meal and place towels and aprons into dryer or hang out to dry for later use

Crafts – Help set up a daily craft for junior campers to use during morning class. Offer all campers a craft of the day and various other projects during free time in the afternoons.

Crafts Assistant

Afternoon Sports / Activities – Direct team sport activities and challenges

Canteen – Prepare and dispense daily snacks from the canteen area during free time and in the evening at the start of campfire

Campfire Director – Get all campers involved in campfire activities through skits, songs, and games.

Schedule Monitor – Help us stay organized and on track throughout the day. Help with communication between staff members to coordinate times for meals, classes, and other activities

Lifeguard – Must have current certification. Pool is open during free time each afternoon, and a few other activities during the week. Trip to the lake in the middle of the week.

Maintenance / Handy Man – Change a light bulb, figure out the defroster in the refrigerator, re-light a pilot light….

Perimeter / Hike Leader – Help with perimeter checks through out camp, scout out the best hiking trails and lead campers and staff on hikes, set up campfires each night and put them out at the end of the night activities

Electronics – Help with audio visual set up, screens, microphones, lighting, PA system, extension cords, computers if needed…

Nurse – Must be a licensed RN, EMT, PA, NP, or MD – Will be in charge of storing and dispensing all medications during the week. On call at all times while at camp.

**Staff members must be 19 years of age and up, or must have been graduated from high school for one full year.