What can my child expect?

Physically, your child will spend the week living in a rustic cabin with up to ten other cabin mates of the same sex and around the same age; Always with two counselors of the same sex per cabin. Throughout the day, campers spend time with their own cabin mates, worship with the entire encampment, participate in classes specified by age, eat as a whole camp in the mess hall, participate in team games and sports, enjoy free time, canteen (snack bar), crafts, and of course, everyone’s favorite: campfire skits, games, and songs followed by nighttime devotional. Spiritually, your child can expect to come home with lots of new family members and a lot of Jesus!

What is the age range?

Camp is for youths ages 9-18. Any child under the age of 9 is permitted only with a parent or legal guardian present as a staff member.

Are the dates the same each year?

No, the week may vary slightly from year to year, but we let you know the dates as far in advance as we possibly can each year.

What belief system are you founded on?

Our only goal is to point young lives toward Jesus Christ our Savior and host an amazing week of growth and worship for our youth. Please see About Us

What do you believe about baptism?

We believe that Jesus has sent to us baptism in the Holy Spirit and that receiving this baptism is vital in our walk with Christ.

We believe that to be baptized in water is the physical enactment of dying to the old self, being buried, and raised again in Christ and that Jesus Himself was baptized as our example.

Luke 24:49, Acts 2:1-4, 1 Peter 3:21, Matthew 3:13-17

Where is the camp located?

Sierra Bible Camp is located at: 21 Seneca Rd, Canyondam, Ca 95923

What is the camp phone number?

Camp: (530) 284-9982

Director: (209) 426-0989

Can anyone visit the camp?

Parents are encouraged both to drop off and pick up their children to and from camp and are welcome to visit at the designated drop off and pick up times as stated in the camper registration forms. Other than this, camp is closed to outside visitors while any camp is in session, unless prior permission from the camp director is obtained. Each of our staff members must be background checked and cleared to work with minors and every individual must have specific permission to be up at camp while in session. If a non staff member or non camper shows up at camp without prior permission from the director, they will be asked to leave.

Are staff members background checked?

Each of our staff members must be background checked and cleared to work with minors and every individual must have specific permission to be up at camp while in session.

Are staff members paid?

Every single person who serves at camp is a volunteer and participates at his or her own expense. There are no paid positions for this camp.

Are you able to accommodate specific dietary needs (ie: food allergies)?

Each meal is prepared the same for the entire camp, however, if your child has a specific need, please be sure to communicate that ahead of time on your child’s registration form and we will accommodate the best we can. We also trust that children old enough to participate in camp are also old enough to identify foods they cannot eat both during meals and snack times and will be able to make safe dietary choices for themselves.

Are there specific items I should send with my child to camp?

Suggested items to send with your camper: Sleeping bag or blankets (It can get cold at night), one sheet to cover camp mattress, pillow with pillow case, (3)towels and washcloths, pajamas (no one sleeps in clothes worn that day), warm jacket, sweatshirt(s), (7)underclothes, (7)socks, hiking shoes, extra shoes, pool/shower shoes, (6)pants, (8)shirts – some warmer some cooler, bathing suit with cover up, bug spray, sunscreen, chap-stick, flashlight, reusable water bottle, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, comb/brush, BIBLE, notebook, pencils, writing materials, stamps and envelopes

How do I get up to camp?

Be sure to print up directions before you leave home, as cell phone reception is hit and miss through the mountains

If you choose to take the 99 N to the 70 N, past the turn off for Quincy, and then the 89 N, you will pass through Greenville about 12 miles before arriving at camp. Lake Almanor will appear on your right and camp will be on your left. Less than a minute after you pass through the town of Canyondam, you will see the sign for Sierra Bible Camp on the left. It is just a small wooden sign that reads Sierra Bible Camp. Pay close attention, it is easy to miss, If you see PG&E signs high up on your left or end up driving over an overpass/bridge and heading into Chester, you have gone too far, camp is just outside of the town of Canyondam and slightly closer to Greenville than to Chester.

If you are driving an RV or pulling a trailer, driving up to Red Bluff via 99 N or 5 N and taking 36 E will be a smoother drive for you. This route will almost take you to Chester, but instead of turning left and heading to Chester, you will veer right and take 89 S towards Greenville/Quincy. This time, Lake Almanor will be on your left and camp will be on your right about 18 miles away from Chester. Watch carefully for the small wooden sign that reads Sierra Bible Camp. If you reach the town part of Canyondam, you have gone just slightly too far. If you reach Greenville you have gone too far by about 12 miles.

Once you turn off of the highway, you are on a small private road. Be sure to drive slowly as there will likely be children running around and there are lots of ruts and bumps in the road. Stop in at the flag pole to check in once you arrive. Excited to see you there!

21 Seneca Rd, Canyondam, CA 95923

Emergency Phone: (209) 426-0989 / (530) 284-9982

Is this the only event you do throughout the year?

The local youth groups get together for a number of events throughout the year. If you would like to be notified and kept up to date with these events, please visit “CONTACT US” on this website and communicate: “I would like to receive notifications of events via email”. If you do not do this, you will still receive pertinent notifications regarding camp, just not the other events throughout the year.


If you have any other questions, please be sure to thoroughly read the information provided on the camper and staff registration forms. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!